September 2017

September 14

  • Added: Action buttons to Out of Touch Donors Report and Unthanked Donors Report
  • Fixed: Adding Gifts Function in Dashboard Page
  • Fixed: Autocomplete when typing a tag
  • Fixed: Autocomplete dropdown when typing on Reports: The Grid

September 08

  • Fixed: Delete Selected Button in View All Pledges Page

September 05

  • Created better task/interaction relationship when generating reports

August 2017

August 31

  • Created better internal tools for the implementation of Payment Groups

August 25

  • Fixed: Ability to switch from individual to premium plan, and vice-versa

August 17

  • Added: A Total Giving by Month feature in the Fiscal Year Giving Report

June 2017

June 29

  • Fixed: Re-added Gifts Total in the Gifts Report

June 14

  • Fixed: Ability to export phone numbers in Reports: The Grid

June 02

  • Fixed: Zip code saves when adding a second address to Contact

April 2017

April 17

  • Fixed: Fiscal Year Giving report displaying 13 months

April 13

  • Overhaul marketing and landing page with new designs
  • Add new marketing specific landing pages

March 2017

March 31

  • Fixed: anonymous contacts shouldn't display on late donor report

March 21

  • Upgrade Google Single Sign On

March 02

  • Upgrade and tweak Mailchimp sync performance

February 2017

February 27

  • Add City and State as fields to The Grid

February 24

  • Optimize Fiscal Year Giving report

February 22

  • Add processing animation for user imports

February 15

  • Allow paying customers to use up leftover trial days before first payment

February 14

  • Allow multiple years on Fiscal Year By Giving report

February 1

  • Fixed: negative values in late donor report
  • Fixed: annual gifts on pledge start marked as late
  • Improve Mailchimp email list performance

January 2017

January 11

  • Allow user to export All Pledges report

January 9

  • Allow user to filter Tasks list by types
  • Significantly improve performance for The Grid
  • Allow users to sort All Gifts report by name

December 2016

December 21

  • Fixed: line breaks on The Grid’s CSV export

December 14

  • Add “birthday” to The Grid

December 8

  • Improve organization user imports logic

November 2016

November 8

  • Fixed: Repair problem with secondary address postal codes not saving

October 2016

October 6

  • Upgrade image asset processing

September 2016

September 21

  • Fixed: Add commas between emails when exporting

September 16

  • Migrate domains from to

September 15

  • Repair DonorPerfect “country” field import

September 2

  • Disable sync button when there is no group selected

September 1

  • Redesign pledge frequency interface

August 2016

August 22

  • Improve contact group merging

August 29

  • Improve user authorization logic

August 18

  • Add “85%” column for sub-organization report

August 8

  • Upgrade InterVarsity importer to handle gift amounts with no trailing zero

August 2

  • Update email reminder timezone logic

July 2016

July 15

  • Upgrade RUF pledge approval page to work without a page reload

July 14

  • BUGFIX: Fix multiple problems with profile pictures not loading correctly

June 2016

June 10

  • Add CSV export to The Grid report

May 2016

May 23

  • Add ability to import pledges

May 17

  • Standardize information shown on pledge dashboard module for this year and next year
  • Add Percent Funded, Left to Raise and Pledge modules to Finances Dashboard
  • Add ability to set a different pledge goal for the next fiscal year

May 12

  • Make contact CSV template available for download on import contact page

May 04

  • Add ability to specify which columns appear on the Grid
  • Add new columns to the grid: Date Added, Emails, Addresses, Groups, Tags, and amount given in a specific year

April 2016

April 27

  • Fixed: interaction history note previews showed the same note everytime

April 26

  • Fixed: InterVarsity PTR import not showing notifications when contacts are added

April 25

  • Search for contacts that have a specific organization ID or not organization ID at all

April 22

  • Search for contacts that belong to any group
  • Search for contacts that are or are not an organization as well as anonymous or not anonymous

April 21

  • Fixed: Searching for contacts that do not belong in a group now properly shows the list of groups

April 08

  • Update TntMPD Server Sync references to DonorHub Online

March 2016

March 29

  • Add ability to filter Gift Report by gift type

March 22

  • Reminders are now sent the day of a contact's birthday; you can also change how many days in advance to be notified

March 16

  • Fixed: 'Save And Add Another' from the new gift screen when accessed through a contact view

March 14

  • Show the number of records and which records are being displayed by pagination

March 7

  • Fixed: Bring back ability to save negative value gifts

March 04

  • Move export data into dedicated data tab; users can now reset gifts or contacts on their account

March 01

  • Contact and InterVarsity PTR imports can now be undone within ten minutes of the initial import.

February 2016

February 29

  • The Gift Report can now be filtered by a Group and a tag, in addition to the existing filters for start & end date

February 26

  • All contacts is now available as an option on the multiple adder screen for bulk operations.

February 25

  • Tasks can now be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly with custom intervals and frequencies. Repeat away!

February 24

  • Each grouping in The Grid can now be exported separately

February 03

  • Fix redirects on adding new pledges and gifts from finance pages

January 2016

January 26

  • Fix add a new gift screen not handling dollar amounts

January 19

  • Fiscal Year Giving Report now shows monthly totals
  • Fiscal Year Giving Report now shows a more accurate label for fiscal years that span actual years
  • Fix contact merging creating duplicate group entries

January 12

  • Fix add to notes function for contact CSV import

January 11

  • Fix inability to use zero as organization ID for contact CSV import
  • Fix contact CSV import not properly importing contacts with no organization ID

December 2015

December 17

  • CSV imports now support the ability to upload more than one address, email and phone number at once.
  • "Contact" is now available as a pre-created group
  • Fixed: contact revision history was showing the user ID in all cases, now it only does so when the user ID of the revision does not match the current user

December 16

  • Fixed: selecting multiple gifts and deleting on all gifts page was not working
  • Contact revision history: additions, updates, and deletions to contacts are now visible on the contact page. You can now see when a change happened and what a previous contact field was set to.

December 14

  • Doing an advanced search in any contact field now includes contact org ID

December 10

  • Dashboard notepad now auto-saves momentarily after changes are made

December 07

  • Fixed: merging of contact birthdays, anniversaries, and spouse birthdays was broken
  • Add organization ID to contact CSV exports
  • Add not empty option to advanced search

December 04

  • Fixed: TntMPD custom server field was appearing when a standard TntMPD server as already selected

December 01

  • Contact statuses are available as pre-created groups

November 2015

November 25

  • Fixed: CSV exports were not exporting, just dumping partial information to screen

November 20

  • Doing an advanced search in any contact field not includes contact notes

November 18

  • Fixed: any contact status could be imported via Contact CSV, now limited to known Karani statuses

November 12

  • Add convenience copy Share ID button

November 11

  • Added new grouping option to The Grid™ report for viewing this year's donors
  • Added ability to export any Grid™ report to a Mail Merge CSV

November 10

  • Fixed: sort order of contacts displayed for groups in The Grid™ report (e.g. for Sum Of Gifts to Date, it sorts by the sum of gifts to date in descending order)

November 05

  • Fixed: secondary addresses not showing correctly on contact detail view

November 04

  • Fixed: merges failing as a result of encoding errors

November 03

  • Fixed: error when no contacts were selected for With Selected actions

October 2015

October 27

  • Add start date shortcut buttons for pledges
  • Improve print version of tasks page

October 23

  • Fixed: tasks without a title would display without a link in the task reminder email

October 07

  • Added ability for users to send friends Karani referral links

October 05

  • Fixed: newly created tasks could not be completed until the page was refreshed
  • Fixed: multiline task/interactions did not display with proper spacing in the task container box

October 01

  • Add email notifications for due tasks
  • Add ability to group The Grid™ by Contact Status, Sum of Gifts This Year To Date, and Sum of Gifts All Time

September 2015

September 28

  • Drop password verification field; add ability to show/hide password

September 21

  • Combine postal code and zip code fields
  • Fixed: zip codes not syncing over to

September 16

  • Fixed: deleted accounts could not re-register

August 2015

August 25

  • Donors Behind Giving Report: added follow up button, simplified reporting of gifts behind, added column to show financial impact of lapsed gifts

August 20

  • Fixed: address, email, and phone creation, edits, and deletes were being logged correctly

August 19

  • Fixed: saved searches dropdown was not filled with searches on the view all searches page
  • Add ability to enter in birthday for contact, birthday for spouse contact and anniversary date

August 04

  • Add percentages to pledge box on dashboard

August 03

  • Add missing With Selected options for Advanced Search that are present in contact list view
  • Add ability to download contacts for mail merge in With Selected dropdown

July 2015

July 30

  • Add percentage for given vs. goal this month and given vs. goal this year on dashboard

July 29

  • Fixed: Pledges without end dates would show 1969 in some cases
  • Fixed: Line breaks in task/interaction notes would not save properly

July 27

  • Fixed: would not show updates after merging contacts
  • Fixed: After merging contacts in the same group, sometimes group entries were duplicated
  • Fixed: Error when deleting an account share that was currently selected

July 13

  • Fixed: Display of no gifts on contact view page

July 10

  • Audited all pledge, gift, contact, and groups listing to ensure no deleted contacts are returned

July 07

  • Add ability to email directly from team pricing page

July 06

  • Set contact status to donor when a new gift is imported
  • Fixed: sync did not work if a greeting was not specified for a contact

July 02

  • Fixed: Expired coupons were still working

June 2015

June 24

  • Add new Fiscal Year Gifts By Donor report

June 10

  • Fixed: Fixed "add to group" button on contact search not working

June 09

  • Enable ability to select month and year on the datepicker
  • Add change status option when multiple contacts are selected
  • Add text as an interaction/task type
  • Change contact status to donor when a gift is added
  • BUGFIX: Fixed organization user account deletion which was failing in some cases

June 05

  • BUGFIX: Properly import phone and email labels on the Contact CSV import

June 04

  • BUGFIX: Stop error message from popping up when deleting a sub-account

June 03

  • BUGFIX: Remove broken tallying logic that included some deleted pledges
  • BUGFIX: Remove already-deleted contacts from showing up in certain searches

June 1

  • BUGFIX: Creating new tasks now properly redirects to task list after submission
  • BUGFIX: Creating new group now properly redirects to group edit screen after submission

May 2015

May 27

  • Add 'Add to Group' option when multiple contacts are selected

May 18

  • Add option to specify a group to import into when importing contacts via CSV
  • Add export to CSV option when multiple contacts are selected

May 07

  • Make related contact a searchable dropdown for easier selection
  • Add preference to specify number of months without interaction before donor is considered out of touch
  • Add out of touch donor report to reports

May 06

  • Make country a searchable dropdown for easier non-U.S. country selection

April 2015

April 16

  • BUGFIX: Fixed broken account share functionality

April 01

  • Mobile optmizations for the public page

March 2015

March 30

  • Overdue tasks that have been completed are no longer shown as red

March 25

  • BUGFIX: A certain error that occurred when importing CSVs generated by Excel for Mac has been fixed

March 19

  • Update to a more modern, protected form of password hashing

March 04

  • Fix some groups missing from the contact landing page

February 2015

February 12

  • Increase the size/quality of contact and user profile pictures

February 08

  • Add feature to pass checked contacts from "All contacts" page to the "Merge contacts" page

February 06

  • Add filter function and merge list preview to the Merge Contacts page

February 04

  • BUGFIX: Fixed a calculator on the Finances dashboard that included the first day of the next year in some of the summary calculations

January 2015

January 15

  • Update countries list to modern ISO 3166 A3
  • Add the beta of The Grid

September 2014

September 22

  • Change default pledge sort to start date descending

August 2014

August 7

  • Extend session duration

July 2014

July 21

  • Add sum to filter gift report
  • Add column sorting to filter gift report

July 14

  • Add current pledges report

July 12

  • Fix datepicker overlap bug in Safari/Firefox
  • Add contact name to tasks in task dashboard
  • Update PTR importer to notify when import added a new contact
  • Add months customization and date last thanked to unthanked donors list

July 11

  • Fix pagination error on default tasks page
  • Add "Add to group" option to advanced search page

July 10

  • Fix signup bug

July 09

  • Add login popdown

July 03

  • Removed extraneous semicolons from group email output list

July 02

  • Converted date pickers to Pickadate

June 2014

June 30

  • Link Dashboard titles to actual pages

June 20

  • Add YTD finances module

June 03

  • Add sync

June 01

  • Add anonymous donors checkbox

May 2014

May 22

  • Add "select all" button to contacts page

May 15

  • Add many, many organization and sub-organization features

May 05

  • BUGFIX: Fix bug in password reset view

April 2014

April 27

  • BUGFIX: Fixed Password Reset email not sending

April 16

  • Added user profile pictures

April 01

  • Added all name/address fields to mailmerge CSV output

March 2014

March 27

  • Added support for listing contacts as lastname, firstname
  • BUGFIX: Advanced search was erroring on some searches
  • BUGFIX: Some times "contact is organization" wasn't saving
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue with deleting some phones and email addresses

March 24

  • BUGFIX: Fixed duplication of title into the notes field when editing old interactions

March 21

  • BUGFIX: Fixed error with occasional end dates calculating wrong (different rounding error)

March 20

  • BUGFIX: Fixed error with occasional start dates calculating wrong (rounding error)

March 17

  • Updated Behind On Giving report to ignored expired pledges

March 14

  • Added new gift types

February 2014

February 18

  • Added profile pictures to contacts

February 03

  • BUGFIX: Multiple adder now correctly defaults to adding tasks

February 02

  • BUGFIX: Drop leading semicolon from group page email lists

January 2014

January 29

  • BUGFIX: Fixed task checkbox for safari.

January 27

  • BUGFIX: Added space after title for single contacts in exporters.

January 26

  • BUGFIX: Removed occasionally duplicated phone numbers and emails after merge.

January 23

  • BUGFIX: Bring back contact show/hide

January 18

  • BUGFIX: Adjust code to mitigate frequent logouts.

January 17

  • Bring back complete/incomplete filtering to tasks
  • Force input fields to be 16px for iOS visibility
  • Adjust add task/interaction button to be more clear
  • Mark overdue items on the view contact pages
  • BUGFIX: Fix contact search to better handle contacts with quote marks
  • BUGFIX: Fix label on graphs that are exactly at 50% mark

January 16

  • BUGFIX: Allow editing for fields which were previously null

January 15

  • Launched redesign. Changed all the things!
  • BUGFIX: Updated Tasks pagination to a temporary setting that fixes the "incomplete content pushed to later pages" bug. This is a temporary fix and we'll nuance the UI later.
  • BUGFIX: Increase contrast on task properties
  • BUGFIX: Remove improper cropping on "all gifts" page

January 12

  • BUGFIX: Fixed the contacts search for users who had contacts with double quotes in their names
  • BUGFIX: Brought back overdue styles on tasks on the view contact page
  • BUGFIX: Fixed instances where certain properties couldn't be edited if they were previously blank
  • Reverted Add Task/Interaction button to show which type you're adding

December 2013

December 31

  • Added organizations

November 2013

November 24

  • BUGFIX: No longer limit yearly users on pagination

November 18

  • No more "Primary" phones and emails. Just phones, and emails

November 8

  • BUGFIX: Task checkboxes work again on the "all tasks" page

November 7

  • BUGFIX: "Export My Data" now properly exports

November 2

  • Added page titles for view/edit contacts to help identify open tabs
  • Added top pagination to list pages

November 1

  • BUGFIX: Given vs. Pledged graph now properly handles expired and future pledges

October 2013

October 27

  • Renamed "DTR" "PTR"

October 13

  • Alphabetically sort shared-with-me accounts
  • Add pledge yearly total column to view pledges page
  • Add "Given vs. Pledged" graph to the contact page

October 8

  • Added $ trimming to amount fields

September 2013

September 28

  • Added IV DTR v2. importer

September 16

  • BUGFIX: Some emails were sent as plaintext HTML (instead of encoded HTML). Now fixed
  • BUGFIX: Update starter plans to limit to 30 contacts in a few limited situations where it wasn't before
  • Present a more informative page when starter plan users visit the payment page

September 10

  • BUGFIX: Fix Firefox-only outline issues

September 6

  • Added user guide
  • Added simple Google login

August 2013

August 20

  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug where contacts with no secondary emails would not always show primary emails in group view/output

August 16

  • BUGFIX: Fixed off-page table view on Tasks page in Firefox

August 13

  • Replaced "delete selected" with "With selected..." dropdowns
  • Added "Add tasks/interactions" to the all contacts multiple select dropdown

August 10

  • BUGFIX: Updated tags box to not-autosubmit on the add/edit contact pages
  • Merge contacts feature now redirects to the new contact
  • BUGFIX: In Safari, editing a pledge with no enddate would cause an error. Fixed.
  • Updated organizations to show "ATTN" in lists instead of "and" (e.g. "Atlanta Red Cross ATTN Jane Doe" instead of "Atlanta Red Cross and Jane Doe")

August 2

  • Updated tag completion to save on tag complete instead of when cursor leaves the tag textbox
  • Added keyboard shortcut "/" for search field

July 2013

July 31

  • Added [ALL CONTACTS] option to "add group" dropdown on multiple task/interaction adder page

July 29

  • Added redirect to attempted page after login

July 28

  • Added contacts count to group
  • Added "All contacts" group for easy export for all contacts
  • Merged export links into "export" dropdown on groups page
  • Re-styled groups page
  • Re-worked groups URL structure

July 27

  • Separated payment groups to its own page

July 26

  • Updated Pledges list on contact page to read more clearly and show expired pledges
  • Updated email and MailChimp output on groups page to include all secondary emails

June 2013

June 5

  • Added "Facebook" to interaction types

June 4

  • Added "One Time?" column to all pledges page
  • BUGFIX: Advanced search city now can use "is one of" and "is not one of

May 2013

May 30

  • Added Contact Status to importer

May 28

  • Added Tags to contacts
  • Added Advanced Search
  • Added Custom Saved Searches

May 17

  • Added "Download Emails for MailChimp" link to groups

May 9

  • BUGFIX: Changing from Add Interaction to Add Task now shows the appropriate Tasks Type dropdown

April 2013

April 24

  • Added "Check all" box
  • Added task importer

April 12

  • Added "Unthanked Donors" report

April 6

  • Updated coupon page to redirect to whichever plan referred to it

April 5

  • Moved all customer service to Intercom
  • Turned off autocomplete on all date fields
  • Adjusted profile save button to say "Save Profile"

March 2013

March 24

  • <li>Cleaned up some old references to username and updated to be email address

March 20

  • <li>BUGFIX: Changing from task to interaction now changes label of date field
  • <li>BUGFIX: Placeholder row on interaction/task tables now shows and hides appropriately
  • <li>BUGFIX: Meta settings (preferences page) don't over-save

February 2013

February 24

  • Redirect some URLs (e.g. /login, /dashboard) for simpler URL structure

February 23

  • Re-styled task completed checkbox
  • Re-worked all delete buttons to be multi-delete capable checkboxes

February 20

  • Added popup one-step confirmation for all delete actions

January 2013

January 21

  • Moved "Is pledge one time?" ticker to top of "add Pledge" page

January 10

  • Re-spaced merge contacts page
  • Re-styled pagination
  • Moved dashboard notepad up above manual gift adder

November 2012

November 21

  • Updated dashboard one-time-pledge calculator to only show this year's pledges
  • Updated one-time pledge adder to be more friendly and change fields for one-time pledges
  • Updated styles and spacing on the view contact page to make it trimmer and cleaner

November 15

  • Adjusted "Ongoing" pledges to "Next Year's" pledges

November 14

  • Updated login to have less annoying email login reminder
  • Updated show/hide toggles to be clearer and on top
  • Shrank contact notes by default, with toggle
  • Added "Ongoing" pledges on dashboard

October 2012

October 14

  • Updated task/interaction adder to be simpler, more streamlined
  • Added next and previous buttons to each contact, and updated contact nav list to start on current contact.

October 13

  • Added next task and status to Contacts page
  • Adjust styles of top nav elements (username, logout) and adjust username to direct to profile not dashboard
  • BUGFIX: When adding contact and pledge at the same time, Karani now validates the pledge.

October 7

  • Added "Gift Type" to each gift.

September 2012

September 28

  • Added Address 2 line to every contact.

September 19

  • Changed the background from wood to graphite/carbon.
  • Bugfix: Add to group from contact page works again
  • Bugfix: After editing a contact (from the contact page), you're now returned to the contact page again

September 15

  • Added "Download My Data" (under Settings) to export all Karani data.

September 13

  • Updating your email address with Karani now updates the address your receipts arrive at.

September 11

  • Re-worked URLs to be more RESTful.

September 7

  • Added rudimentary Payment Groups support
  • Added the first styled HTML emails (for payment groups--coming elsewhere soon)

September 3

  • Updated "view all" pages to show more information on sorts and filters.
  • BUGFIX: You no longer have to click the default sort header twice to make it sort the opposite of default.

August 2012

August 29

  • Re-wrote pledge calculators from percentage-based (so August 1 pledge start date would return a different pledge total than August 15) to month-based (so any month-based frequencies like 1, 3, 4, 6, or 12 times per year all assume the gifts will be based on numbers of months)

August 28

  • Simplified stylings of login page.
  • Updated password reset pages to add security.
  • Added sort/filter notifications to "view all pages", and added sort icons in the headers.

August 13

  • Added note icon to tasks & interactions on the contacts page to make it easier to view notes

August 11

  • Added "note" to all tasks page
  • BUGFIX: Fixed all tasks page pagination for showing one page too many
  • Added better sort/filter explanations on all tasks page
  • Added the ability to view task/interaction notes from the view contact page.

August 7

  • Added new "Status Report" report

July 2012

July 30

  • BUGFIX: Fixed incorrect calculation of out-of-touch donors which incorrectly included incomplete tasks as long-ago interactions.

July 29

  • Added interaction history importer.
  • Added "type" column to all tasks page.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed miscalculation of one-time pledges set to start on the first day of the year..

July 20

  • Added greeting to contact view page.

July 15

  • Updated all "add" pages to have "save and add another".

July 11

  • Updated all datetimes to be just date (for consistency).

June 2012

June 18

  • Added multiple task/interaction adder.

June 14

  • All completed tasks now show in the interaction history.

June 12

  • Updated organizations to show secondary contact as "ATTN" instead of spouse.
  • Added title to interactions.

May 2012

May 10

  • Added dashboard notepad.

April 2012

April 30

  • Added contact merger.

April 25

  • Updated every place where names are displayed to now show spouse and suffix.

April 17

  • Added "Output for Mail Merge" .CSV downloader to groups.

April 9

  • Added the premium plan, including sharing/supervision and multiple account support.

March 2012

March 24

  • Moved to a new, faster, more stable web host.

March 15

  • Added ability for multiple email addresses.

March 5

  • Added .CSV Gift Importer

February 2012

February 27

  • Added "view list of group emails" feature

February 25

  • Added "Entire Interaction History" report

February 22

  • Integrated Braintree payment system
  • Updated to show current pricing information
  • Several reporting pages no longer error when there are no contacts listed.
  • Fixed todo list check button not working
  • Updated "out of touch" to show donors only
  • Miscellaneous small style updates.
  • Importers have smarter reporting
  • Split up settings page
  • Updated nav background and universal background colors
  • Tweaked background wood texture
  • Uploaded new favicon and Apple Touch icons
  • Uploads are now doubly protected
  • Secured cookies and sessions
  • Protected against CSRF

December 2011

December 16

  • Added "Behind on Giving" report
  • Updated "pricing" page with prices
  • Moved "profile" to "settings"

December 2

  • Added contact fields: middle name, suffix, spouse title/first name/middle name/last name/suffix, greeting
  • Added TntMPD-enabled-server integration
  • Added pill buttons instead of dropdowns and the Meeting interaction/task
  • Added username recovery to the "forgot your password?" feature

November 2011

November 22

  • Added the "forgot your password?" feature

November 19

  • Updated rich text editor to use WYMeditor (for mobile compatibility.)
  • Updated visual styles
  • Updated mobile nav to use more CSS3 transitions
  • Added "overwriting existing values if blank" checkbox to CSV importer
  • Added the ability to add a pledge when adding a new contact
  • Added site-wide notifications on success/failure of events

November 11

  • Updated visual styles
  • Converted mobile nav to a slider instead of a dropdown
  • Converted mobile contact chooser to a search bar

November 1

  • Opened signups to the public

October 2011

October 30

  • Added groups
  • Added notifications

October 25

  • Added user signup page
  • Added preference option for "Show international fields"

October 24

  • Moved all support and contact to Assistly.

October 22

  • Added CSV importer
  • Added changelog and blog
  • Added international contact info (country and postal code)
  • Added labels to email address and primary phone number for contacts
  • Added international fields
  • Added the ability to add secondary phone numbers to contacts
  • Added edit and delete capabilities for gifts
  • Added "for your comfort" saving buttons on the preferences page, to let you know it really is saving
  • Tasks and interactions added on the contact page now show up instantly
  • Tweaked style to optimize spacing on mobile devices (more tweaking to come!)
  • Added high-res logo for iPhone Retina Displays
  • Moved account information to upper right hand corner
  • Moved walkthrough videos to YouTube from Vimeo

October 13

  • Alpha launch