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Adding Recurring and One-Time Pledges

To add a new pledge, click the "+" on the left-side navigation next to "Pledges"

Pledges Navigation

Or from any individual contact's page click "Add Pledge" on the right-hand side.

Pledges Contact Profile

The "Add Pledge" page looks like this:

Add New Pledge

Use the dropdown box to choose the donor who made the pledge.

Pledge Choose Donor

If it's a one-time pledge, click "yes" in response to the question "Is it a one-time pledge?" A one-time pledge is a gift that you expect to only come once, but you want to add it as a pledge so your pledge totals are correct for your reports.

Type in the amount of the pledge. You don't need to type the currency indicator (dollar sign).

Pledge Amount

Type in the yearly frequency of the pledge. For example, a monthly pledge has a frequency of 12; a quarterly pledge has a frequency of 4; a yearly pledge has a frequency of 1.

Pledge Frequency

Set the pledge start date (and, optionally, end date). If there's no end date, leave the end date blank. If there's no specific start date, just be sure to set the start date to a date before the beginning of this fiscal year so Karani can calculate it correctly.

Pledge Dates

Click the "Save New Pledge" button or the "Save and Add Another" button if you want to add another pledge.