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Accessing Pre-made Reports

To access all pre-made reports, click on "Reports" at the bottom of the left-hand side navigation.

Reports Navigation

This will take you to a page that includes a number of pre-configured reports.

Reports Choices

Out of Touch Donors

List all the donors you haven't interacted with during a given period (default 6 months).

Unthanked Donors

List all the donors you haven't sent a thank you to during a given poeriod (default 6 months).

Status Report

See a big picture overview of your finances, activities and interactions, and a breakdown of next week's tasks.

Interaction History

List all of your interactions with your contacts by title, note, type, contact name, and date.

Multiple Tasks/Interactions

Add the same task or interaction to more than one contact.

Fiscal year Giving By Donor

See a breakdown of each donor's giving by month, compared across two or more years.

Prospective Giving

Categorize your prospects and set each of their potentials to build up to your financial goals. Changes here will be reflected throughout Karani's financial reporting graphs.

Donors Behind on Giving

This report compares donors' pledges and gifts to create a list of donors who are behind on their pledged giving.

Gifts Report

See all gifts, and filter and sum them.

The Grid

"The Grid" is a power user report. Group, filter, and sort your contacts, and choose which fields you want to see for each--even with some computed financial fields as options.

Contact Map

See all of your contacts (those with addresses, at least) on a map.

Archived Contacts

View contacts with a status of "Archive".