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Accessing Pre-made Reports

To access all pre-made reports, click on "Reports" at the bottom of the left-hand side navigation.

Reports Navigation

This will take you to a page that includes a number of pre-configured reports.

Reports Choices

The "Donors Behind on Giving" report will compare donors' pledges and gifts to create a list of donors who are behind on their pledged giving, donors who are close to being behind on their pledged giving, and one-time gifts expected but not received yet.

Behind Report

The "Unthanked Donors" report will give you a list of donors you have not thanked in the past 6 months.

Unthanked Report

The "Entire Interaction History" report will show you all of your interactions with your contacts by title, note, type, contact name, and date.

Interactions Report

The "Status Report" gives a big picture overview of your finances, activities and interactions, and a breakdown of next week's tasks.

Status Report